What is the Vetx Clinical Research Network?

Clients seeking to undertake clinical animal studies in Australia can now access the Vetx Clinical Research Network (VCRN). The VCRN is a new evolution in the management of clinical trials, speeding up the clinical study process, delivering high quality data and releasing client resources by

  • Providing a single point of contact for multi-centre clinical studies
  • Utilising a network of willing Investigators trained in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) studies
  • Using VCRN Monitors to ensure the continued quality of studies from start to finish

The recruitment of Investigators / Monitors and ongoing management of clinical animal studies can be a very time consuming and expensive process. The Vetx Clinical Research Network (VCRN) is designed to be your outsource partner, who can manage the process for you, in an efficient and a cost-effective way.

VCRN is managed by Vetx Research and consists of veterinary practices and research facilities throughout Eastern Australia, with networks of study Investigators and Monitors who are trained in the requirements of clinical study evaluations. This speeds up the study recruitment process and ensures quality data generation with low rates of attrition. A streamlined clinical study process which delivers quality results can clearly both reduce costs and speed up the product development process… so successful products get to market faster!

Using VCRN you can commission multi-site clinical studies in veterinary clinics, government institutions, private homes or on-farm settings as required, covering different geographical locations that may be necessary for registration in Australia. Vetx Monitors will ensure studies are designed, conducted, recorded and reported according to the study protocol, as well as local and international guidelines.

Are you a pet owner interested in joining a study?

Vetx Research are always looking for owners and their pets to join various studies around the country, to develop new treatments and improve the health of pets in the future. If you would like to find out more about how you can help, go to the Vetx Pet Network

Where can you get more information?

Please contact Elizabeth Evans (Director Vet x , Clinical Research)

Phone:   02 9438 3672
Mobile:  0409 703 412
Email:    eevans@vetx.com.au