Veterinary Research Services

For companies developing new veterinary products, Vetx offers world class research capability coupled with state of the art, AAALAC approved, animal research facilities. Whether you are developing companion animal medications, treatments or pet foods, we can add value to your research and development process.

Why should you choose Vetx Research as your partner? Vetx has

  • Skillful staff with a track record in running successful veterinary studies
  • Full accreditation in both the quality of its research and the quality of its animal care (AAALAC Accreditation)
  • Extensive experience conducting research to GCP and GLP standards
  • State of the art facilities (Wongaburra Research Centre), housing happy, healthy dogs and cats
  • Clinical research capabilities through the Vetx Clinical Research Network (VCRN)
  • A fully equipped, in-house Insectarium with major ectoparasitic arthropods under culture (Vetx Entomology)

Although Vetx has particular expertise in working with dogs and cats in the development of companion animal medications and pet foods, Vetx Research also has the capabilities to carry out trials with horses. Whatever your need or stage of product development, Vetx is your professional R&D partner.

Vetx Research also has the capability to conduct equine and production animal studies with partner contract research organisations.

Whatever your need or stage of product development, Vetx is your professional R&D partner.


Study capabilities include:

  • Australian paralysis tick (Ixodes holocyclus) studies on companion and production animals
  • Brown dog tick (Rhipicephalus sanguineous) studies
  • Flea (Ctenocephalides felis) studies on dogs or cats
  • Palatability studies - pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and pet foods
  • Pharmacokinetic and bioequivalence studies
  • Target animal safety studies
  • Dental and ear studies
  • Blood collection and processing
  • Surgical and anaesthetic studies
  • Feasibility/pilot studies leading to dose titration and confirmation studies
  • Specialised studies on behalf of clients such as cardiac research
  • Experimental screening of new insecticide actives
  • Study design
Ear studies

Ear studies

Palatability trials

Palatability trials

Study Design

As well as carrying out the research, Vet x will work together with you in the design and preparation of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) protocols and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) study plans, data capture forms, collection and analysis of data.


Vet x Research has its own Animal Ethics Committee (AEC). Meetings are held regularly throughout the year however additional ad hoc meetings may be scheduled to facilitate the implementation of your study. All research involving the use of animals must be reviewed, approved and overseen by an AEC. (AEC Terms of Reference). Vet x Research prides itself on the health and welfare of its animals and operates under the close guidance and oversight of the AEC. Animal Welfare is our No. 1 priority.


All work is undertaken according to our robust quality management and assurance systems, to meet agreed project timelines and budgets. Vet x Research is fully accredited in the quality of its research and the quality of its animal care.

Reports & Registration

Vet x Research is skilled and experienced in producing study reports and can provide robust and reliable analysis of data. Our reports are suitable for direct presentation to regulatory authorities in Australia and internationally to aid smooth and efficient product registration.


All work and indeed our relationships with our research partners are treated as confidential information. Formal confidentiality agreements will be put in place prior to commencing work.