The Vet x Entomology Laboratory offers you the opportunity to conduct in-vitro testing and screening of your experimental compounds on the major ectoparasites of small and large animals. Ian Ridley (BRurSc) and Chrissie Jackson (BScHons), with a combined 40 years of entomological research experience, can provide you with the early development stage data on your new technical grade active constituents.

Vet x Entomology enables you to compare the insecticidal activity of experimental active constituents with currently registered compounds utilising validated in-vitro test protocols.

Our standard screening tests for Veterinary products include;

Australian sheep blowfly

  • Ovicidal – egg dipping
  • Larvicidal – contact, flystrike dressing and feeding studies (IGR)
  • Adulticidal – treated filter paper and micro-applicator

Sheep body lice

  • Contact adulticidal
  • Feeding/contact IGR

Cat flea

  • Ovicidal – egg dipping
  • Adulticidal - contact filter paper/conical flask
  • IGR – treated carpet test

Australian paralysis tick, brown dog tick and cattle tick

  • Ovicidal
  • Larvicidal - larval tarsal test or larval packet test
  • Adulticidal – adult immersion test and adult feeding test

Buffalo flies

In-vitro testing will also be available against field collected Buffalo flies during late spring to early autumn (October to April in Australia)

  • Adulticidal – treated filter paper

Additional target organisms can be obtained on request.


Screening of experimental insecticide compounds on household, garden and turf pests can be undertaken using insects under culture in the Vet X Insectarium or from field collected samples.