Vetx Entomology has a fully equipped Insectarium and supporting laboratory with fume cabinet, analytical balance, cold table, micro-applicators and other application equipment. Major pest insect and tick species are maintained under culture to support research and product evaluation activities;


  • Australian paralysis tick
  • Australian sheep blowfly
  • Brown dog tick
  • Bush tick
  • Cat flea
  • Sheep body lice

General Pests

  • Cockroaches (American and German)
  • Housefly
  • Mosquito (Domestic container mosquito - Aedes notoscriptus)
Tick larvae

Tick larvae

Stored goods pests

  • Darkling beetle
  • Indian meal moth
  • Rice weevils

Fabric Pests

  • Silverfish
  • Variegated carpet beetle

Other pests for studies (e.g. Cattle tick, ants, spiders, termites, etc) can be field collected as required.

Darkling beetle larva

Darkling beetle larva