As of 1st December 2016, VetX Research is proud to announce that we have joined with other leading veterinary research companies across Australia and New Zealand to form Invetus, the largest veterinary contract research organisation in Australasia.

You will be re-directed to the new site within 30 seconds, where you can have a look at the comprehensive range of services that Invetus has to offer.

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Welcome to Vetx Research

Vetx Research is your professional partner in developing new products for the veterinary, pest control and home garden markets.

With a state of the art research facilities and clinical research capabilities, we can provide excellence in all stages of research from experimental active screening to generation of product registration data.

Animal wellbeing is our No.1 priority. Vetx is fully accredited by the Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC).

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Vetx Research is focused on companion animals and has a wide range of veterinary research capabilities. Our Wongaburra Research Centre conducts Good Clinical Practice (GCP) & Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) studies in world-class facilities including four kennels, a cattery, an entomology lab and a registered veterinary hospital. Vetx can partner with you in the development of veterinary medicines, diagnostic tests, interventional procedures and pet food products. Learn more...

Vetx Clinical Research Network (VCRN) has access to a network of veterinary practices and research facilities throughout Eastern Australia, allowing research partners to commission multi-site clinical studies in clinics, government institutions, private homes or on-farm situations as required. Learn more...

Vetx Entomology offers you the opportunity to conduct in-vitro testing and screening of experimental insecticides for the veterinary and pest control markets. Vetx Entomology is also capable of carrying out laboratory and field studies to support the development and registration of products for pest control, horticultural, garden and turf markets. Learn more...

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